i9 Business Modules

Empower your business to the hilt.

i9 Business Module is a powerful cloud business management software solution designed for small to medium businesses.  i9 Business Module consist of tailored applications that governs most of the known business process and is accepted as industry standard.

i9 Business Module is consist of

1. Accounting Solution
2. Qunips Ticket Management
3. Point of Sale
4. Restaurant Inventory & Ordering Management
5. Asset Management
6. Card Management
7. Loyalty Management
8. Booking System
9. Events Management
10. Invoice Anywhere

i9 Business Module can be interconnected to work as a single unit or it can be distributed via user rights & access credential over the network.

The best thing about i9 Business Module is that it can be modified to your liking and be accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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