qUos Ticket Management

Smartly control queues of people in various situations and locations.

A revolutionized Queue Management System that is designed to reduce queue lengths, organize and manage your queues in complex service areas, enhance customer experience & satisfaction and ensure effective response from your agents.

  • Keeps track and forecast the flow of customers.
  • Optimum utilization of Staff Resources.
  • Constant monitoring the staff’s performance.
  • Enhances productivity and morale of the staff as operation ware streamlined i.e. more efficient and systematic.
  • Counter can be stabilized to any service and the system allows the transfer of queue number to other services or counters.
  • Generation of daily and monthly statistical reports to facilitate top management's decision making process.

Customers’ waiting times will decrease with Qunips. Being able to prevent service breakdowns means queues will run more efficiently.

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