Data Centers deployment and support

Data Centers deployment and support

We offer and install  an array of specialized products from cabinets to power strips to cable management systems.We maintain cost-competitive resale agreements with all major data center infrastructure manufacturers and our highly skilled staff is available to install right away.

Every data center has a unique set of network priorities, from consolidation and cost control to quick deployment and zero downtime. You can count on i9 Smart Solutions to ensure that your data center's infrastructure meets your specific requirements.

Installed products used by i9 Smart Solutions are customized through our exclusive make-to-order (MTO) program. When combined with the latest data center switches from alliance members Arista, Brocade, Cisco, and Extreme Networks, our cable assemblies and connectivity give you extra design flexibility for your equipment architecture.

Our data center specialists have extensive experience with the most popular active equipment, network topologies, and transmission methods. Many of them are active members on standards bodies that define future data center networks.

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