Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions – onsite & offsite

Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions – onsite & offsite

Businesses, big or small understands the importance of backing up valuable company data. No matter how up to date a computer system appears to be, there is always the possibility of a hardware malfunction which can result to the unwanted deletion of important data.  For this reason, many companies have set up backup systems, designed to recover lost data. There are both onsite and offsite backup options.

When disaster strikes, restoring mission-critical systems and data should be a matter of seconds, not hours or days. Even though  most  disasters  are  smaller  in  scope,  businesses  must  plan  for  the  possibility  of  a  large-scale  disruption  to  their business location. Your local backups are sufficient to recover from common disasters, onsite storage usually entails storing important data on a periodic basis on local storage devices. Offsite storage requires storing important data on a remote server, usually via the Internet, although it can also be done via direct access.

Business continuation is highly important as it helps ensure that all business functions will be back online and available to clients, vendors and other entities that require access.

The most effective way to avoid the potentially crippling effects of data loss is a combination of both onsite and offsite backup solutions. For the safety and security of your business, i9 Smart Solution recommends implementing a system that uses both onsite and online backups.

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