Embracing Business Cloud Applications

Monday, July 25, 2016

Be SMART, choose i9 Smart Solutions

        These days we are living in a world where Cloud Application comes in many flavors, what the cloud brings to the table is versatility that allows end users to invest in the exact resources that they need no more and no less. In other words, the cloud can now solve very specific small business problems by simply identifying their most pressing issues. According to Wainewright (2016) there are 4 ways that cloud can help your business:

1.    Cost saving. In cases where cloud computing replaces ageing legacy applications or infrastructure, significant like-for-like cost savings are possible. But few adopters go cloud purely to save money. Instead, they end up redistributing the money saved on additional functionality.

2.    Fresher functionality. The big win with cloud-native, multi-tenant applications is the frequent refresh cycle, which brings automatic updates of new functionality at least twice a year without any of the pain of a traditional on-premises upgrade. Even the initial implementation is typically measured in weeks and days rather than months and years, but the real impact is that this gift keeps on giving with every subsequent refresh. Businesses can plan for the future safe in the knowledge that their systems will keep pace with their future needs.

3.    Going mobile/global. Cloud computing typically comes with a built-in global infrastructure and applications often include support for the most popular mobile device platforms. Businesses can immediately roll out the same application internationally or implement a mobile strategy, with significant business impact. Less relevant to day-to-day business processes but just as valuable, a robust availability and disaster recovery capability also comes built in.

4.    Business network enablement. Real-time connectivity is becoming an increasingly important business attribute in the modern world. A useful side-effect of being cloud-native is that cloud applications come with ready connectivity built in. This enables the enterprise to plug in to business opportunities and processes that are typically beyond the reach of an individual company‚Äôs technology and contacts. This is a less obvious benefit of using cloud services than some of the others already mentioned, but may be one of the most important in terms of business impact.

So if you want to last in the fight, keep changing and embrace the cloud, it cause improvement and growth to your business and if you want to grow your business in a SMARTer way, choose i9 Smart Solutions where we make every transaction easy.